Seaweed shuts down

Seaweed Shuts Down Power Plants

Tons of seaweed force shutdown of major power plants in the Dominican Republic Reported In The Economy Section of Dominican Today Santo Domingo July 27, 2018 | 2:44 pm Dominican Republic’s power companies grouped in (ADIE) on Thurs. said more than 30 tons of seaweed forced the shutdown of the Itabo plants to purge the cooling system. …

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Puerto Rico Still Suffering 2 Weeks After Hurricane Hits

Hurricane Maria left a path of destruction in Puerto Rico, leaving most of its citizens without access to electricity and clean drinking water. The island’s residents talk about their daily struggle to survive and make end’s meet. After 2 weeks, Puerto Ricans are struggling. Daily activities in some areas are only about getting resources- food one day, drinking water the next, gasoline still another day. That’s because finding resources then lining up for hours is part of the process.