Scientific model supported by UK Government Taskforce flags risk of civilisation’s collapse by 2040

A sobering must-read article by Nafeez Ahmed on global food shortages recently appeared in INSURGE intelligence.

New scientific models supported by the British government’s Foreign Office show that if we don’t change course, in less than three decades industrial civilisation will essentially collapse due to catastrophic food shortages, triggered by a combination of climate change, water scarcity, energy crisis, and political instability.

It also assures us that the scientists behind the model don’t believe it is predictive. The model does not account for the reality that people will react to escalating crises by changing behavior and policies.

But even so, it’s a sobering wake-up call, which shows that business-as-usual guarantees the end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it: our current way of life is not sustainable.

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