Agricultural Products

Products We Currently Provide:
Jamaican Coffee Marinades Honey
Chocolate Sugar Livestock
Coconut Spices Pimento Peppers
Medicinal Herbs Barley Meat Products

GulfCarib will be offering a variety of food products for export from Jamaica.

We are establishing an online store for retail/wholesale orders. Contact us if you like more information.

Agricultural Products

Jamaica's important agricultural exports include:

farm products

◾ Sheep
◾ Rice
◾ Potatoes
◾ Pigs
◾ Citrus
◾ Yams
◾ Cocoa
◾ Coffee

Integrated Seawater Agriculture 

seawater farming

Integrated Seawater Agriculture (ISA) produces crops that are grown in pure seawater using a closed-loop agronomic system. ISA can provide sustainable food/energy security and creates ecological habitat along with jobs and economic opportunities. Halophytes (plants that thrive on salt water irrigation) can be used for commercial and/or ornamental purposes. Project sites are located in coastal zones but can also be inland in desert regions where there are saline aquifers. Sea water is conveyed by canals that provide a recreational amenity and can even increase available freshwater through creation of ‘freshwater lenses.’ Read more here: Integrated Seawater Agriculture.