Agricultural Products

GulfCarib will be offering a variety of food products for export from Jamaica.

We are establishing an online store for retail/wholesale orders. Contact us if you like more information.Traditional food products include the following:

Products We Currently Can Provide
Jamaican Coffee Marinades Honey
Chocolate Sugar Livestock
Coconut Spices Pimento Peppers
Medicinal Herbs

Integrated Seawater Agriculture 

seawater farming

Integrated Seawater Agriculture (ISA) produces crops that are grown in pure seawater using a closed-loop agronomic system. ISA can provide sustainable food/energy security and creates ecological habitat along with jobs and economic opportunities. Halophytes (plants that thrive on salt water irrigation) can be used for commercial and/or ornamental purposes. Project sites are located in coastal zones but can also be inland in desert regions where there are saline aquifers. Sea water is conveyed by canals that provide a recreational amenity and can even increase available freshwater through creation of ‘freshwater lenses.’ Read more here: Integrated Seawater Agriculture.

Agricultural Products

Currently, the primary and most important agricultural export from Jamaica is sugarcane.
Jamaica's other major products include:

farm products

◾ Sheep
◾ Rice
◾ Potatoes
◾ Pigs
◾ Citrus
◾ Yams
◾ Cocoa
◾ Coffee