GulfCarib Partners with FarmBox Foods

Introducing Plant Force One

  • A self-contained greenhouse in a shipping container farm.
    Equal to 2 ½ acres of traditional farmland but uses about 95% less water.
  • Crops are grown using the latest technology in a perfect climate controlled chemical-free environment.
  • The most nutritious and delicious produce available today.
  • Conserves resources and reduces pollution associated with the growing, maintenance, and transportation of traditional farming.


Container Farming Done Differently

  • Grow food anywhere around the world – in any climate.
  • FarmBox Foods is introducing a sustainable farming option that can revolutionize societies.
  • FarmBox Foods provides total indoor vertical farming solutions, right inside a shipping container.
  • Acres of Output In Only 40 Feet.
  • Up to 50% more product with 50% less labor than the competition.

Smart Farming – In a Container

  • Up-Cycled Shipping Containers: Waste to Food
    Why reinvent the wheel? There are over 43 million shipping containers floating around our planet, of which, nearly 17 million are not even being used! Instead of using or creating even more resources to complete our systems, we rely on those unused shipping containers to reduce worldwide waste.
  • Full Spectrum Lighting
    Renewable full spectrum LED lighting provides a reliable source of light  – unlike the sun when weather consumes our atmosphere. With better light comes healthier, more efficiently grown crops.
  • Digital Systems
    Through a technological connection, farmers can monitor crops 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with real-time tracking insights, through our integrated digital systems. Think about it like having your container farm right in your pocket.

Start Container Farming Today!

Contact Us:
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[email protected]

GulfCarib Phone: 876-972-2245
FarmBox Foods Phone: 303-359-2915

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