Business Description: GulfCarib for Food and Energy Solutions

GulfCarib (“GC”) is a privately held St. Lucian Ltd company specializing in food and energy security solutions. GulfCarib sells agricultural products in line with the Food Security parameters of the GCC countries. It uses environmentally friendly and sustainable technologies for generating energy without dependency upon the electric grid, processing waste and waste to energy conversion. This generates a revenue stream for its properties.

GulfCarib designs and implements environmental solutions such as:

  • Energy audits
  • Energy consultation
  • Design and construction of:
    • Waste to energy plants
    • Grey water solutions
    • Sanitation products
    • Building management systems
    • Energy saving equipment                                                                               

Summary of Business Strategy

The Company has acquired/licensed a range of green energy and environmentally clean waste processing and energy conversion technologies that complement each other. The use of these solutions on our properties maximizes our commercial advantage – Smart Farming

Food and Energy Solutions: Products/Services offered by GulfCarib

The Company services provide environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions that enable substantial savings on utility costs, the reductions of Greenhouse gases and the ability to claim Carbon credits and qualify buildings to LEED standards. Thus making its agricultural operations more profitable with Smart Farming

Energy Technologies/Special Know-how

Our range of energy technologies include:

  • Waste to energy systems
  • Grey water systems
  • Small scale Anaerobic Digesters
  • Several other technologies

We partner with and are licensed by partners and developers who are world leaders in their respective fields. This gives our company a unique competitive advantage.

Smart Farming

Our agricultural advisors have world wide experience in implementing large scale programs that use best practices to maximize profit – Smart Farming

Distribution Channels

GulfCarib products and services are distributed directly by GulfCarib through marketing and sales activities, through license agreements for both the manufacture and distribution of the GulfCarib products, and distribution and sales through agents and distributors.


GulfCarib is a leader in the field of sustainable agriculture. We do not believe there are any direct competitors. However, food security is an expanding market, utilizing other technologies that we believe require substantially more expensive infrastructure and overhead costs.

Investors Prospectus

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