Kerry urges action on climate change for food security

Remarks by John Kerry Secretary of State at Expo Milano 2015, Italy October 17, 2015Secretary of State portrait of John Kerry

Kerry urges action on climate change in name of food security

KERRY URGES ACTION ON CLIMATE IN NAME OF FOOD SECURITY: Secretary of State John Kerry’s speech at the Milan Expo 2015 called on world leaders to work together to address climate change and promote global food security in a speech at the Milan Expo on Saturday.

“In order to meet the food security and climate challenges at the same time, we have to be creative,” Kerry said. “We have to be flexible. We have to think big, and we have to be committed to pursuing multiple approaches at the same time.”

Kerry urged world leaders to be “on the same page” for the United Nations Climate Conference in Paris “for an ambitious, durable, and inclusive agreement that will finally put us on the path towards a global clean-energy future.” He cited reducing food waste and using natural resources, including fisheries, more wisely, as key and called for increasing agriculture productivity “in a way that’s sustainable over time.” He also argued that food systems should reduce greenhouse emissions and be able to adapt to changes in climate.

Obviously, it starts with making sure that we’re producing more food. By some estimates, the world will have to increase food production by 60 percent between now and 2050 in order to keep pace with the rising number of mouths to feed. But growing and raising more food is only part of the challenge. We also have to be better stewards of the food that we have.

“Together, we can harness our energy in order to cultivate food and feed the mouths of the world, and in the process we will protect the food security of billions of people on this planet,” he added. The full text of Kerry’s speech is here: Full text of Secretary of State John Kerry’s speech on climate change.