Our Herd

Introduced from England about 1880 with later imports from the USA and Canada, the animals were also involved in crossbreeding programs to create a breed acclimatized to the tropical climate of Jamaica. The Jamaican Red Poll was designated a breed in 1952.
The breed is hardy with low mortality rates for both adults and calves. It is disease resistant and has an impressive weight gain ― the males reaching around 800 – 1050 kg at maturity.
Our foundation stock is from the herd of Robin Crum Ewing perhaps the pre-eminent breeder of the Red Poll. In his over 50 years as breeder Robin has distinguished himself as the Chairman of the Managing Committee of the Jamaica Red Poll Cattle Breeders Society, where he served for three years, and for seven years, as the Chairman of the Jamaica Brahman Breeders Society. He remains a Member of the Managing Committees of both organizations to this day.

Mr. Crum Ewing acts as consultant to GulfCarib for its cattle operations.

Jamaican Red Poll herdThe Jamaican Red Poll ― Quick facts:

  • Declared a breed in 1952
  • The Breed Society has registered over 60,000 purebred animals since its inception.
  • Average birth weight – males 35kg/females 33kg
  • Weight at maturity – males 800 -1050kg/females 500 – 650kg
  • Conception – 95%
  • Average daily gain – on grass 0.6/0.9kg on feedlot – 1.2/1.5kg