Food & Energy Services

GulfCarib provides environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions to solve global food & energy challenges. The company’s energy services lead to substantial savings on utility costs while reducing greenhouse gases. This allows for  carbon credits and qualifies buildings to LEED standards. Agricultural operations become much more profitable and efficient.

Smart FarmingSite aquisition

GulfCarib can implement techniques to increase yields of domestic and exported agricultural products. ‘Intelligent’ farming uses data to apply ‘precision agriculture’ to optimize and efficiently use existing arable land. With Smart Farming, results provide increased quality and production.’Intelligent’ farming uses data to apply ‘precision agriculture’ to optimize and efficiently use existing arable land.

Growing Food In Containers

GulfCarib can provide fully equipped containers to grow food anywhere around the world – in any climate. These shipping containers are completely revamped to provide a total indoor vertical farming solution inside your customized shipping container. A 40 foot container outputs the equivalent of several acres while using less water and labor and producing 50% more fresh food than the competition.

Waste and Energy Services

GulfCarib’s has solutions to imminent global challenges (Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) sewage sludge & Medical/Hazardous Waste). We provide Waste-to-Energy systems, energy storage, lighting, sanitation and water remediation solutions all tailored to the specific requirements of each project.

We are one of the few companies in the world who, along with our partners, providing the design, building and maintenance of Ultra-High Temperature Pyrolysis (UHTH) Units for waste disposal. These are the most effective Waste-to-Energy system available today, proven to be commercially viable, modular and scalable, at a much lower price tag than  incineration units. and by far the best option and is the best solution to minimize pollution. The build time for our plants is months instead of years, saving on start-up costs and allowing for quick implementation.

pyrolysis unit Our equipment specifications are customized for each project and meet and exceed both European Waste Industry Directives (WID) and US guidelines. The K-range skid mounted system is shipped in a container and can be deployed quickly.