GulfCarib is dedicated to fulfilling food and energy security around the globe.

It's Principals and Consultants, all experts in their fields, are award winning architects and engineers who deliver cutting edge solutions in agriculture, waste-to-energy and renewables. The use of these solutions and ‘best practices’ in agricultural techniques will ensure availability of products and also prevent spiking of food prices.

Jamaica - Isle of Springs

GulfCarib, headquartered in Jamaica, began as a company dedicated to Food Security in the Caribbean  and Gulf States. Our focus has shifted to all regions of the globe based on demand from you and others like you, dedicated to Food & Energy Security for YOUR business, community, region or country.

Why Jamaica?

The lasting impression of Jamaica gained by visitors from  less colorful northern lands or harsh, arid countries bordering the Arabian Sea may be compared to the lifting of a stage curtain and the revelation of a beautiful, golden, sunlit scene.  Jamaica is a dream picture of exotic-looking vegetation, of bright flowers and charming water, complete with a magnificent background of mountains.
This, perhaps is the simplest way to describe Jamaica – The Isle of Springs!

GulfCarib's Mission:

Energy Security

GulfCarib's mission is to deliver environmentally sound and sustainable solutions for waste-to-clean-energy and innovative agriculture worldwide. We have developed partnerships with world leaders in these fields, all of whom have established international track records in the design and implementation of projects have a significant role in the creation of the renewable energy industry.

GulfCarib has targeted a list of critical global energy challenges, including:

  • Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
  • Sewage sludge &
  • Medical/Hazardous Waste (including tires)

We are one of the few companies in the world who, along with our partners, are capable of designing, building and maintaining a commercially viable modular and scalable Ultra-High Temperature Pyrolysis (UHTH) Unit for waste disposal to clean energy, the most effective Waste-to-Energy (Wte) system available today.

  • UHTH is considerably less expensive than incineration units − the best solution to minimize pollution.
  • The build time for our plants is months instead of years, which saves time and money.
  • Our customized equipment specifications exceed both European Waste Industry Directives (WID) and US guidelines, well beyond competitive systems.
  • Our K-500 Pyrolysis Wte system fits in a standard shipping container for easy transportation to site.

Food Security

GulfCarib can implement techniques to increase yields of domestic and exported agricultural products. 'Intelligent' farming uses data to apply 'precision agriculture' to optimize and efficiently use existing arable land. With Smart Farming, results provide increased production and can increase the level of quality of agriculture as well.

GulfCarib provides food products grown in Jamaica, as well as other Caribbean islands, to regions experiencing food insecurity. Contact GulfCarib for information about prices and other details about purchases.

Pyrolysis Unit
K500 Pyrolysis Unit
sustainable farming

Jamaica's Food Production Capabilities

Abundance of water

Jamaica, a Caribbean island nation just south of Cuba, has a verdant topography of mountains, rain forests and reef-lined beaches. The mountainous region is the exclusive production area for the highly sought-after coffee grown there.

Agriculture Thrives

Agriculture flourishes in this lush environment. Along with plenty of freshwater, with an annual rainfall of almost 50 inches, the seawater coast offers as yet unfulfilled potential for seawater agriculture and fish production. Jamaica has a coastline the length of 1,022 km.

Stable Governance

Jamaica is governed by a stable democratic Commonwealth,  receptive to investments that can benefit its economy while providing opportunity to outside investors.

red-poll cattle
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