Earth Day 2020

Happy 50th Earth Day 2020?

Happy birthday, Earth Day. You are celebrating your 50th birthday this April 22, 2020. You’ve grown from humble beginnings to a day celebrated around the world.

Ocean Cleanup project

Giant Floating Trash Collector Update

We have been following the news about the Giant Floating Trash Collector that is being deployed in the Pacific Ocean to round up the enormous masses of plastic waste we now know as the Giant Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP). This is the creative invention of the very young environmental entrepreneur Boyan Slat and his organization, …

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Gov Brown at Global Action Climate Summit


We are reposting information about the upcoming Global Climate Action Summit for our visitors as a courtesy and to inform them of this very important Summit coming up in San Francisco this September. There are many ways to get involved; live streaming will be available September 12-14 on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Hundreds of affiliate events including climate action panels, …



Dominican Republic Drowning In Plastic?

Santo Domingo. On Friday, Environment Minister, Ángel Estévez issued a warning to business leaders. We must reduce the use of plastics in the Dominican Republic. This message I am telling the entrepreneurs, prepare yourself because one day you will stop using plastics in the Dominican Republic. This is a serious problem that we have to …

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Sustainable Development: The Future Starts Now

In 2015, world leaders met and agreed to work together to eliminate poverty, solve climate change challenges and build more resilient societies. The 2030 Agenda is the actual blueprint for sustainable development, outlining 17 action items that will be resolved by 2030. The Future Starts Now is a visually beautiful film relaying our responsibility to …

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What Is The Keystone Pipeline?

You may have heard a lot about the Keystone Pipeline recently. Here is a video which takes a look back at The Keystone Pipeline from 2 years ago, explaining what exactly it is, who and what is behind it, where it will go and what are the benefits and drawbacks.